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What is Mean Time Love about?

In Mean Time Love I give you an unfiltered, raw peek into my soul with the sole intention of taking you on a journey to total self acceptance and unconditional love. I am with you every step of the way as you reflect and learn about yourself, even when it gets painful or uncomfortable. I see you through to the end, where you choose to release your past, conquer any current limitations you have on yourself and embrace the confidence to love and express your authentic self boldly in your life right now!

Who can benefit from Mean Time Love?

This book was written for all women: mothers, grandmothers, aunts, daughters, sisters, girlfriends, wives...and the men who want to understand and love them even more.

How will Mean Time Love help me in my life?

If you are open and receptive to it, this book will empower you to take action in all domains of your life with clarity that only decends from truly knowing and loving your authentic self. You will move in the direction of your true desires in your relationships, finances, health, career, family, spirituality, community and everywhere else!

Mean Time Love is on tour!

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What are people saying about Mean Time Love ?

It's the book women are saying 'they can't put down'!

"Mean Time Love is that dose of self-love, candid conversation and valuable coaching to stand in your power and fall back madly in-love with yourself. Anita, has put together a masterful piece of work!"
Lisa Nichols
Featured Teacher in The Secret,
Author, New York Times Bestselling Book, No Matter What!

"Mean Time Love has connected the dots for me on many levels. Since reading it I have been able to share with the women around me how our self loathing is hindering us from having it all! Your message is helping me see the difference between being a "people pleaser" versus serving others from a place of love &self knowledge. Your work and your walk is a powerful example for all women."
Liz M.

"I'm writing a personal philosophy paper for my health care ethics course and used your book as one of my references. It's a great tool."
T. Smith

"I just got done reading Mean Time Love. And let me tell you, I`m not a reader! I read the whole thing. There are so many things I wanna say about it but I'll make it brief. I love this book! I`m sure that there are so many women out there that can identify with your stories and like me appreciate the advice, motivation and inspiration of it."
K. Joseph